A number of industrial, manufacturing, technology, construction, professional, financing, and service companies have relied on Erik Velie, Principal of VLG for legal advice to successfully compete in the Southern California business environment.  Victory Law Group, LLP's practice of business law helps companies of any size to capitalize on every opportunity, and escape avoidable disputes. 

Victory Law Group, LLP's corporate practice includes a diverse client base ranging from the beginning stages of companies, to large more established corporations.  We regularly engage in complex transactions, while also offering industry-specific experience.  We also provide pre-litigation planning in an effective and efficient manner to hep your business succeed.

Whether you are a start-up company, a partnership or an established corporate entity, please feel free to contact Victory Law Group, LLP to satisfy all or your legal needs.

To discuss our business counseling services with VLG, Call our office at (213) 442-5061, or fill our the contact form below.

We thank  you for the opportunity to represent you, and assist with your legal needs.

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